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Target® is a rummy game like nothing you've ever played. One deck of 80 "Playing" cards are numbered 0 though 9 in 4 colorful suits, plus a 5th "wild" suit, and are used for making melds. Another deck contains 28 all-different "Target" cards, each of which describes a meld and a point value, the more difficult melds having a higher point value. Five Target cards are dealt face up for all to see. Players draw and discard as in rummy. When a player lays down the meld shown on one of the Target cards, they win that Target card, and score the points. A new Target card is then dealt to replace it, so the melds change all the time! What's more, players can (and do!) win 2 or more Target cards on a single play by laying down groups of Playing cards which make the melds on 2 or more Target cards.

Includes 110 cards and instructions in a colorful metal tin. 2-4 players, ages 8-adult.


1999 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
2002 Parents' Choice Approved
2003 Major Fun