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Doubles Wild is a game of luck and strategy where the object is to make as many 3-in-a-rows as possible in any direction. Your roll determines where your marker may go. If you don't like your first roll, try again, rolling the blue dice, the red dice, or both. If you roll a double on red or blue, that's WILD, and you may place your marble anywhere in the row or column. If you land on your opponent's marble, you battle for control of the pocket. Play offense to make your own 3-in-a-rows, defense to block your opponent.

Doubles Wild takes just 5 minutes to learn. 2-4 players, ages 8 to adult.

Doubles Wild
is part of Enginuity's Signature Collection of solid wood and glass board games that look good enough to keep on display. The collection also includes 3 Stones Classic edition and Stars & Stripes edition.

Includes solid wood gameboard, 100 marbles, 4 nickel-plated scoring pegs, 6 dice, and instructions. 2-4 players, ages 8-adult.


1999 Mensa Select

1999 Parents' Choice Silver Honor
2003 Major Fun

2008 iParenting Media